Why Wordpress is Better Than Wix

June 28, 2019

Are you trying to make a decision between Wix vs WordPress to make your web site? whereas WordPress is that the most popular website builder in the world, it’s not the only choice.

After seeing TV commercials for Wix, a number of our users asked us to try and do a close comparison of Wix vs WordPress to find out that is the more sensible choice.

In this article, we are going to compare Wix vs WordPress and highlight the pros and cons. Our hope is that with this Wix review and comparison, you’ll be ready to decide which platform is true for your desires.

Why Choose WordPress?

Host your own Website

WordPress is a self-hosted platform, which means you own any web site you produce in its entirety. It also means you get to decide on that hosting company you would like to use to get your web site running, and provides you the flexibility to change between web hosts at will.

On the opposite hand, Wix must host your web site for you, thus whereas you don’t have to search for a hosting company yourself, you’re cursed with the one you’re given. If your web site starts running slowly because of poor hosting, or if you would like to transfer your website’s information to a different domain down the road, you’ll be out of luck.

You may also need to hire a WordPress developer if deep customization has to be made. So the total cost of your WordPress website may reach hundreds of dollars.

Mobile Performance Is Worse than Desktop

An issue of concern is that, except for Wix (marginally), all the other content management systems performed less well in mobile than in desktop.

This may indicate that web publishers haven’t yet adjusted to planning for mobile.

Publishers could have to think about creating additional tradeoffs in terms of the number of images used in mobile versions of websites and the way several third-party scripts, fonts, and icons are used.

While Wix’s performance for achieving quick scores are dead last, Wix performed higher than WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal in obtaining additional sites to rank at the average level on mobile devices.

This would possibly sound mediocre, however considering that each one CMS’s had more sites hierarchic average than the other label, Wix’s performance stands out.

Ease of Use

The WordPress admin is fairly simple to use, however, if you’re not pc savvy, observing the admin for the primary time it is very overwhelming. The additional you utilize the admin the more comfortable you become with it. Writing posts is incredibly easy, I always tell shoppers if they’ll send an associate email, they’ll write a post. Wix was designed to be simple, particularly the drag and drop practicality. Users will build edits to their web site while being in a more visual admin. each platform has application editors (what you see is what you get) that permits you to customize text and pictures and preview the changes as you edit.

Site Extensions

When clients approach me to design and develop their websites, the primary issue I do is get to know and understand their business desires. I then use these insights to map an inventory of functions their sites have to be compelled to perform.

Every business web site has specific desires which imply it should have specific functionalities. the simplest thanks to adding these functionalities is to use well-supported add-ons. It’s additionally the simplest technique as a result of custom development from scratch is just too long and expensive.

WordPress is healthier than Wix as a result of you’ve got nearly 55,146 plugins (add-ons) to increase your web site. this is often in steep contrast with Wix that has simply 250+ apps. So, tomorrow if you are feeling the necessity to feature a Members space to your web site or forum, WordPress can have far better and sturdy solutions for you than Wix.


Since WordPress is open source, it’s vulnerable to security hacks. Their variety of plugins you’ll use to create your web site safer. additionally, with every WordPress update release, there’s generally an enhancement in security. A Wix web site may also be vulnerable to a security hack, but since it’s not associate open source platform there’s less of a risk.

With WordPress, you’ve got additional management over your web site since you’ll select your own host, add security plugins and even buy a Security Service like Sucuri.

Undoubtedly, the battle between WordPress and Wix is totally even because each solution are worthy and quality, however, if you would like to get a strong and nice customizable platform with plenty of tools and opportunities that allow you to start out your business or blog, WordPress is certainly your choice.