May 21, 2019

The development has much in common with game music. each part of a Web application to work efficiently and to fully meet the needs of the user. The same way each device must perform perfectly its part to make complete music composition harmonious sound.

Now if you have not already guessed, we started with the comparison of the present generation with the melodious name – Symfony.

Today, 79% of all websites in the world are created with the PHP programming language.

a web application or website can be built in pure PHP or one of its framework. It depends on the extent of application complexity, development time, ENJOY coders, and other elements.

Symfony ranked third in popularity after Laravel and CodeIgniter. Many benefits Symfony are listed on the official website. but if you need an outside perspective, we will share our vision experts.

Good Reasons for Choosing Symfony


Quickly adopted by experts active in this field after its release in 2005, Symfony today is a stable environment known and internationally acknowledged. The range of its references certifies this, as they have grown significantly since the release. The Symfony is also an active community; Developers, integrators, customers and various employees involved in the continuous enrichment of this instrument.

Company behind the technology

Symfony is one of the few frameworks that can be commercially supported. SensioLabs, the company-Creator, and sponsor, actively contribute to its reputation. They offer official tutorials and certification. Within the company’s website, you will find a schedule for upcoming meetings anywhere in the world. This gives the magnitude and severity of their intentions and beliefs.

Proven reliability

Symfony has confirmed its reliability over time, while many different frames failed. Many wonderful platforms like phpBB, Drupal, Magento, and eZ publish use the components. And also you really realize the following organizations who trusted Symfony with their websites:

Long-term support

Symfony is a stable and neatly tested framework with daily updates. The latest version remains supported in the long term and aligned well with compatible with the newer releases: up to three years for some of the versions.


When using Symfony, you are certainly never to be alone with your screen. On a matter of community support (mailing lists, IRC, etc.) or organizational support (counseling, training, etc.), you usually find solutions to your question.
Assuming the principle that “an undocumented line is a line that does not exist,” you will also find many works that deal with Symfony so that one can help you in the entire development of your sites and applications.

Large community

One of the influential aspects of the framework survival rate is a fantastic community. The official website publishes 2000 + contributors (1734 on GitHub) in their community. This variety is several times larger than other PHP hitting the community.

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