What is CodeIgniter

May 28, 2019

What is CodeIgniter?

CodeIgniter is a PHP MVC framework for rapid development of applications. CodeIgniter provides out of the box libraries in the database to connect and perform various actions. Just like e-mail, uploading, sessions management, etc.

CodeIgniter is object-oriented

It is quite difficult to object-oriented programming to explain because, from a conceptual point of view, it is difficult to understand. That the main purpose of object-oriented programming application development is easier to get bigger, especially for applications to make large structures. Object-oriented programming allows application code and logic to understand, to be a structured and consistent manner in its place, making it easier to develop and expand your application features and functions. With procedural programming (which is simply the default code is executed by the line line functions as a container for code to prevent copying, and “reinvent the wheel”), applications chaos if they are not developed in a way where everything is well laid out, coherent and structured and can be more difficult later new features and functionality to expand your applications and add. With object-oriented programming, in a way, you will be forced to be consistent and have a properly structured code.

Using CodeIgniter requires knowledge of the use of object-oriented programming techniques to effectively use CodeIgniter, and understand what happens when you use certain features of CodeIgniter. Also, we have an expert team of CodeIgniter developer for hire.

How CodeIgniter Works?

CodeIgniter is an MVC framework. MVC stands for Model View Controller. When a user requests a resource, the controller responds first. The administrator understands the user is requested to ask the necessary data if necessary.

For example, if you are a customer with id = 3, the administrator will receive your request, ask the model to get the record with the id of 3. The model gives the record to the administrator. The controller then sends the result to the view that it formats in an easily readable format. When the results back to the user in the browser.

How CodeIgniter Works

PHP Made Friendly

Once you start experimenting with CodeIgniter, you will find yourself quickly warming to his method. Of course, this assumes you are familiar with PHP. You need a good working knowledge of how PHP interacts with a database and its relationship with HTML, not to mention have an understanding of the basic PHP syntax before you start working with CodeIgniter.

Functions you much of PHP can be finally off to happen taken, in some cases, a line of code with CodeIgniter. It can apply to print anything from the text in a reader field validation form and add a Captcha facility or set cookies.

To illustrate how easy it is to use CodeIgniter for a project, we are going to a very basic site that outputs hard-coded content to build a browser. This is the ground-level developer things-but the goal is to show just how quickly and efficiently CodeIgniter can work and provide you with a background of the framework itself.

Once you have the basics nailed it, you will quickly use CodeIgniter to blogs, content management systems, forums, or any move highly interactive building, hands-on web application you can think of.