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Point of Sale Software Development

Appstar solution is a pos application development company with many years of expertise in point of sale (POS) customer management Systems and development. Our POS application is a great option for businesses that want to sell both online and through brick-and-mortar stores. And with 24/7 email, live chat, and phone customer support available, you’ll always be able to solve any problems you run into.

We are the leading pos software developers and distributors in India but have expanded to market our POS system nation-wide particularly in the USA, Canada, and Australia. the custom pos system is to help make the record-keeping and accounting simpler. A retail pos system is more advanced and it uses the information that it collects to simplify the accounting process. You will be able to get all the data that you need directly from your system.

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Features to level up your Business

Choosing the right point of sale (POS) system is vital for small businesses. With the right point of sale system, small businesses can manage and control business expenses with greater proficiency, have a better understanding of what products sell best and then refine their stock accordingly, track product results and performance and engage customers and prospective customers with loyalty rewards.

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Inventory tracking

Get an overview of your inventory across all your locations and get it moving faster.

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See the big picture as well as detailed reports on some aspects of your different stores in the pos terminal.

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Payment methods

Choose from our preferred partnerships and deep integrations with the best apps including Xero, Shopify, Apple, Deputy, and the pick of leading payments.

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24/7 phone support

Reach out to our customer support anytime, there’s always a Lightspeed agent available and ready to help.

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Quick set-up

Use ready-to-go templates from our rich catalog or create your custom pos application. No development skills required.

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POS API Integrations with e-commerce platforms like Shopify and Import data easily from existing POS software

Point of Sale (POS) Application Development

POS Software Development

Custom POS Software Development & Maintenance.

Our POS application has the ability to integrate with a large number of third-party systems to ensure that you can manage and operate all aspects of your business seamlessly. We’ve developed a comprehensive network of providers who offer integrations that work with our system and give our customers more control over their business. Information is power and the more you can take from the data your business produces, the more informed your decisions.

Our Integrated pos software development gives you a single view of all of your sales, inventory, and customers, be they in-store, online store pos or both

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Start, run & grow your retail business with POS software

Clothing store
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Jewelry store
Food truck
Gift store
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Affordable, Reliable & Easy to use POS Software

Our POS Software is fully customizable, gives you complete control to run your business, your way. Appstar Solution offer POS solutions for diverse businesses, including retail, bar, restaurants, salon, liquor store and among others.

Appstar Solution has an experienced team of developers who are well trained to deliver you the best custom retail solutions useful for managing your retail business efficiently. We provide Offshore custom retail software solutions to the various clients from the USA, UK, Australia, Canada, Malaysia, Japan, and India.

Our POS software seamlessly integrates with industry-leading accounting, eCommerce, payments & marketing apps.Our large programming team is constantly adapting to new challenges and always looking for more. Compare any software against our pos solution and see why it is the master of point of sale systems.

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Frequently Asked Questions


  • A system for managing the sales, labor, inventory, customers and reporting of an institution, restaurant or retail business.
  • Not unless you need it. Our POS packed with what we feel are core Retail POS features, like inventory management, order tracking, purchase orders, customer loyalty and discounting, etc.
  • Our POS software allows you to quickly and easily accommodate new locations, registers, products, and customers.
  • Yes, We will work with you to customize a complete solution that meets your unique needs.
  • Customers can enjoy a hassle-free and less time-consuming checkout experience. This helps in increasing the overall customer satisfaction and experience.
  • The cost of a POS depends on the complexity, quantity and number of users of the software and hardware, if required. An individual software license is $1200 to $2500, while a POS terminal can range from $3000 to $4000 each.