Our Process

Our Works Process

From Design Until Deployment And Beyond – The Process In Action

Agile-driven process. That is the magic word that enables Appstar Solution to deliver value to its clients. Agile methodology helps us model project deliverables that can be continuously improved to meet stakeholder requirements. Our agile-driven process is certain to give your projects the much needed agility, for highly complicated projects.






Envisage the Change, Plan for Future

Being on the same page with our clients is a precursor to every project. Our discovery process helps us understand client requirements better and devise a strategic plan to achieve the same. For most problems that our clients face, there are multiple solutions. Identifying the right solution and matching it to client requirements happens in the discovery phase.

We will also identify person of contact who will be overseeing the overall project progress and delivery in tune with project requirements.

Define Strategy
  • Sketching your idea
  • Developing a Strategy
  • Requirement Gathering
  • Business Analysis
  • Initial Document preparation




Designs to Captivate Users

Good design can solve problems. Great design can delight users. This is one motto that Appstar Solution lives by. We strongly believe that incorporating functional UI/UX design into an application is the cornerstone of making it a problem-solver. We follow a user research process that progresses through research, design, prototyping, testing, and measurement. This helps us chart a delightful end-to-end user journey that will serve the stakeholder’s purpose.

Based on plan structure we design according business needs and providing the exact technology solution Design.

Define Design
  • Clear wireframes and prototypes
  • Building the Design of Application
  • Adjusting to user requirements
  • Design research and development






Enterprise Solution for your business

Once the prototypes are finalized they are pushed into the full-fledged development phase. Depending on the platform desired or determined consensually as the best option, our developers will start coding the software into form. Appstar Solution follows rigorous quality assurance standards at all phases of development. This ensures that the final output is well-put and requires minimal corrections to make it launch-ready.

Our developers make best solutions of their creativity and technical experience to bring your idea into better digital solutions.

Define Development
  • Defining the Back-end
  • Testing the Prototype
  • Continue With Development
  • Manual Testing
  • Release to the Market

Ready to launch your Enterprise Solutions for Your business.