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BuddyPress is an extension to the popular blogging platform WordPress and allows you to convert a common installation into a social network in a few moments. Again, the functionality is similar to the big players like Facebook. In addition, BuddyPress maintains control over its own data and members’ data. The technical basis is like the parent project PHP and MySQL.

One of BuddyPress’s current drawbacks is the limited number of free-available themes. Although there are countless themes on the net, they are not of high quality. Only the BuddyPress theme directory remains a reliable source for free Themes for BuddyPress, unfortunately with the discount that only 15 are available today.

If you would like to see your BuddyPress in an exclusive and unique design, then the only customization by the professional is an option. We offer custom BuddyPress theme and plugin development both as standalone projects with no further commitment and through hiring out our skilled WordPress developers to your agency part-time or full-time.

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Why Choose Appstar Solution?

Whether you’re running a membership website, promoting events, communicating together with your clients or merchandising online courses – if you want to encourage visitors to your website to get concerned (and even additional importantly, to keep coming back) then Buddypress can be for you.

In my opinion, Buddypress is one among the most effective free WordPress plug-ins presently on the market, however, perhaps not surprisingly for such a complicated and versatile, piece of package, it is a bit frightening set up at the start which is why using an experienced BuddyPress Developer makes plenty of sense, will save you both time and money, and facilitate to ensure that you simply get the best out of it.

From the point of view of working conditions improvements for freelancers and small development companies, this will show you the 3 good reasons to choose us:

Easy to manage

It is way too easy to manage a BuddyPress site, which makes it much more convenient for the users.


It’s not just the financial costs that hit your business, monitoring and tracking internal processes takes the time that could be invested in other industries.

Specialized and Agile Team

Keeping an in-house development team up to date with the market can be time consuming and expensive. In addition to not being constant, usually, digital experts do not stay long in the same company.

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Need assistance with BuddyPress Development in WordPress?

You want to network with your friends or business partners – but do not entrust your contact details, pictures and thoughts to one of the major social networks? Set up your own, it’s easy. The platform for this, BuddyPress, comes from the WordPress community.

So you would wish for BuddyPress the opportunity to take data and friendships, so you do not have to enter his data in another BuddyPress network again.

If you need any assistance with setting up or adding new features to BuddyPress or this plugin, Our team is available for hire. our BuddyPress Development Services for any custom development needs.

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