February 6, 2020

Codelgniter is one of the most powerful PHP framework built for PHP Developers. It’s easy to learn yet feature-rich aspects simplify budding full-featured such applications. Compared to other frameworks, Codelgniter is significantly simple and fast and this is one of the preferred choices of Developers. 

Features of CodeIgniter

MVC Based SystemExtremely Light Weight
Large library of “helper” functionsQuery Builder Database Support
Form and Data ValidationSecurity and XSS Filtering
Session ManagementEmail Sending Class.
Image Manipulation LibraryFile Uploading Class
FTP ClassLocalization
PaginationData Encryption
BenchmarkingFull Page Caching
Error LoggingApplication Profiling
Calendaring ClassUser Agent Class
Zip Encoding ClassTemplate Engine Class
Trackback ClassXML-RPC Library
Unit Testing ClassSearch-engine Friendly URLs
Flexible URI RoutingSupport for Hooks and Class Extensions

MVC Based System

It uses Model-View-Controller which basically separates logic and presentation parts. The request comes to the controller, database action is performed through model and output is displayed through views. But in normal PHP scripting, every page represents MVC which increases complexity. It thus helps the Codeigniter developer build applications effortlessly by utilizing views and controllers. It also helps the designer to assemble core libraries for the framework and empowers them to incorporate their own current scripts with the database.

User Guide

It is one of the most important features of Cl. It has a fantastic and easy to understand user guide. CI developers can complete documentation easily and its features are simply marvelous and useful for coders. 


Codelgniter is simple and a major portion of the work gets completed in the controllers and uploading the libraries. Since the workings are clear and open, it is very easy to understand what is happening and, therefore, simple to use. Codelgniter uses a straight way of handling. Basically, data is represented by the model and all its functions retrieve, insert and restructure the database information as a model contains data logic and represent classes, data structures, etc. 

Model Handling

The MVC structure of CodeIgniter is a model or data handler with functions that can retrieve, insert, and restructure database information. It has data logic, classes, data structures, and many other PHP related functionalities.

Data Validation

To work with models data validation is highly important. In Codelgniter, a validation class can be used and then defined and assigned to any of the objects to be validated. The data that is sent through the URL is automatically validated by the validation object. 


Migrations are a fantastic way to manage database schema changes across multiple development environments. In Codelgniter, Migration from one server to another is very easy and hassle-free. Anyone can install and use it very easily. 


CodeIgniter has a very active and continuously growing user community. A quick check on CodeIgniter forums will yield a member count of more than 57,000 (and growing), which is a very big community to be part of and turn to when you have a question or even a problem. You have access to a wiki, too, apart from the forum. This is one of the major benefits of CodeIgniter that attracts more and more users to it.

Advantages of CodeIgniter Framework :

  1. Easy and hassle-free migration from the server hosting to dedicated server hosting.
  2. Easy to learn, adapt and deploy
  3. Easy handling and customizing.
  4. New functionality has been applied without affecting the customization at all.
  5. Offers flexibility and easy management With MVC based framework.
  6. Active Record Implementation is simply superb and easy to remember.
  7. It provides easier configuration and customization of configuration files.
  8. It facilitates easy working with a variety of developers.
  9. A good collection of possessed libraries.
  10. Awesome documentation of the user guide, which makes it easy for any coder to use the whole framework.
  11. Enables to incorporate its own existing scripts as well as develop core libraries for the system,
  12. Lightweight and extensive Thai user base

Disadvantages of CodeIgniter Framework:

  1. Its PHP based only and not very object-oriented in some parts
  2. PHP4 legacy code,
  3. Company-driven instead of community-driven,
  4. Irregular releases,
  5. The framework itself has no built-in ORM (only via 3rd party solutions).

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