Ecommerce Website Design Trends

August 2, 2019

In 2020, expect ecommerce sites to use CSS grid layout mobile-friendly full-screen responsive offer a lot more video and include micro-interactions and Guided Selling to deal with.

Below are some of the emerging trends within the e-commerce sector, which are proving to be a real boon to businesses that adopt them.

Voice Search over Regular Search Bar

A search bar is that the most vital feature of a web site, therefore why not improve the function, even Google has done that.

If you see Google search bar, you’ll be able to realize embedded within the right corner of a small microphone icon.

Have you ever used it?

If not, you should do it once in any case.

You will realize what you would like without you hammer the keyboard. And believe me, you’ll feel fantastic and can begin the feature usually used in the longer term.

The idea is just to try and do what Google has done in its search bar. I will be your customers don’t seem to be going away your website without finishing a deal.

Now you’re going in 2020 in a while, therefore build it a happening for your customers who would come identical to your e-commerce business with improved traffic and sales figures. build it easier for the product over the complicated searching to find it practical.

CSS Grid Layout

CSS grid layout is a two-dimensional layout model and a part of the CSS standard from the world wide web consortium.

It provides designers plenty of a lot of control over how a web page is evident and helps different devices and screen sizes build a lot higher use of the area. In other words, the CSS grid layout makes user interfaces optimization comparatively simple compared to different methods.

Search in 2020 e-commerce website designer and theme maker CSS grid layout contains, particularly on the product category page or search results pages.

The only possible barrier may be that you don’t totally support some early versions of web browsers CSS Grid. however the newest versions of all leading browsers – as well as Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, and edge – do you support it.

Mobile-Friendly Design

It is still possible to search out examples online of a number of the early e-commerce sites. they’re distinguished design practices that would wince trendy web designers. try to throw one of the most important issues Overcrowded designs were charged way too much information to the user from the moment the page. that is assuming loaded pages properly. within the pre-broadband days of the internet, sites typically loaded in stages and should visit explain the various design priorities in the way. while the modern e-commerce sites area unit designed greatly with the smooth user experience that modest demand was embedded scripts run with an obstacle early web designers had to fight.

Now that our computers and our web connections are much quicker, we will do tons a lot of under the hood of a website than was previously possible, whereas the least impact has on the user expertise. progressively, websites are designed to produce with mobile in mind and agree on clean web design tricks for designing a web page that’s loaded in a very configuration on a desktop or laptop, and in another for mobile and tablet. Even sites that also offer an app is to make increasingly trying to find their browser-based offers mobile-friendly.

Parallax Scrolling

The technique has been widely used in the video game industry, however, these days our web designers are implementing this technology within the websites they design to enhance the general user expertise.

In an e-commerce web site, it’s all completed an acquisition and improve conversions.

built an e-commerce site with parallax technology, users will simply explore new products without changing into distracted. If a user likes a product, he will immediately jump on the conversion funnel, while not playing to the navigation system.


Sites they’re displayed on the device to adjust something new. within the future, however, may be sites ready to adapt to the device however only for the user. for example, based on the user’s age and visual acuity may be the location arrange itself to include larger, more necessary elements.

For users, the hand right or left are, the site might move some parts on the other side of the screen, and for color blind people the website might compensate change its color palette. A more personalized computing expertise set appears to be a big part of future innovation.

Custom Illustrations

Stock photos are cheap and even individuals notice it cheap. With stock, illustrations may not do well so as to convert your audience.

Custom Illustrations are expensive, however, they are doing affect the brand image because they know that carry the human component, can not notice the client in pictures.

If you run an e-commerce business, you would like to personalize your approach and stop photos using these cheesy, outdated stock.

It would be nice if you have got a professional graphic designer to work for you.

Because you’ll be able to simply create custom illustrations that may convey your message to your audience in a personal way.

Guided Selling

Guided selling is the act of buyers to ask questions about the options and use to help them to get sure products.

Similar to a knowledgeable sales associate who is available 24/7, Guided Selling solutions listen to shoppers first to understand their needs, educate and inform them about product benefits and features, and suggest products that match their specific needs.

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