Benefits of Using WordPress

July 3, 2019

WordPress has been around since 2003 and is that the most well-liked blogging software on the market. Over the previous few years, WordPress has also become the content management software of choice for non-blogging websites. If you are looking at your website as a business and want it to benefit you economically, you can hire a WordPress developer. Here are the top ten reasons why WordPress is so well-liked and why you would possibly need to think about the shift to a WordPress platform for your company’s website.


Top 10 Advantages of Using a WordPress Website Design.


  1. Continuous Updates

    WordPress is an old CMS. it’s continuously improved from its first origin in 2001 with a significant release every three to four months. Also, WordPress open source status helped it grow to new heights. rather like the other open source solution, WordPress is frequently updated with new options and bug fixes. At the time of writing, the newest version of WordPress that you just will use is 4.9.4. Major releases are done nearly every 2 or 3 months.

  2. No HTML Editing or FTP Software Required

    WordPress is a self-contained system and doesn’t need HTML editing code (such as Adobe Contribute or Dreamweaver). you’ll produce a replacement page or blog post, format text, upload pictures (and edit them), upload documents, video files, image galleries, etc. all without the requirement for added HTML or FTP software.

  3. Plugins Extend Functionality

    WordPress includes all the elements required to make a basic website, however, several users wish additional specialized functions related to a site’s specific needs. The WordPress plugin directory includes many plugins—small items of code designed to perform specific tasks—that enable users to feature options like looking carts, galleries, contact forms, and more to any compatible WordPress website. Users can even purchase and install many custom plugins from third-party developers. Plugins are activated or deactivated and uninstalled as needed as a website evolves.

  4. Search Engine Optimization Ready

    WordPress is SEO friendly. Websites built using WP have straightforward and constant codes creating them ideal for Google indexing. SEO parts for every page may be customized giving you full management on those pages you wish to rank high in search engines (i.e. you’ll focus your SEO campaigns on high converting pages).

  5. Content Is Mobile-Ready

    A mobile-optimized WordPress theme makes positive your content appearance right on mobile devices and managed WordPress web hosting delivers the quick load times users (and Google) expect. Together, these WordPress tools and plugins use your content to make the most effective possible experience for your smartphone-wielding website visitors.

  6. Design of Your Website is 100% Customizable

    WordPress acts as the engine for your web site. the planning and feel of the website will be 100 percent custom-made thus your brand will shine through on your site and provide unique expertise to your visitors.

  7. WordPress Community

    Because WordPress is a free and open source, it’s supported by WordPress-loving communities around the world. This community of WordPress lovers is accountable for creating changes to the source files and keeping WordPress updated and secure. The WordPress community additionally engages in many outreaches to users, hosting WordPress camps around the world and supporting the expansion of native WordPress user teams.

  8. Social Media Integration

    Another benefit, if you choose to develop WordPress Theme web site, is that the seamless integration with social networks. You don’t need to login to your LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook or Google+ accounts one by one and automatically let your social networking community recognize that you just have recent content for them.

  9. Gets Found Online

    WordPress makes it easier for that to happen, by format your web site in a method that’s simple for program crawlers to navigate and by providing you with a way to enter and refine your content’s title tags and meta descriptions with none coding. These tags and WordPress’ optimized structure allow search engine crawlers to quickly see what your content is regarding.

  10. You Have Control of Your Site

    No a lot of waiting for your web designer to create straightforward updates to your web site. With WordPress, you’ve got management of nearly every side of your web site and can simply build those simple updates yourself.